Spitbraai Wonderboom

Spitbraai Wonderboom

Spitbraai Pretoria, Wonderboom is an upper-class residential area in Pretoria North with mixture of plots, a airport, warehouses, retail shops, churches, schools, houses and security complexes

Spitbraai Pretoria
Wonderboom Airport in Pretoria North
Spitbraai Wonderboom, Wonderboom is part of Pretoria North. Pretoria North include the suburbs of Gezina, Mamelodi, Montana, Queenswood, Silverton, Waltloo, Wonderboom, and other smaller neighbourhoods. Pretoria North is a primarily Afrikaans speaking area, and is home to over 50 car dealerships and the Kolonnade Shopping Centre

The Wonderboom Airport is approximately 15 km north of Pretoria CityRead more about Spitbraai South Africa

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