Spitbraai Mount Edgecombe

Spitbraai Mount Edgecombe

Spitbraai Durban, Mount Edgecombe is an Indian populated comminuty north of Durban and is famous for holiday resorts and golf

Spitbraai Durban
Mount Edgecombe Country Estate
Spitbraai Mount Edgecombe, Edgecombe is on the North Coast of DurbanDurban North include the suburbs of Mount Edgecombe, Phoenix, Verulam, and other smaller suburbs

Residential suburbs include Glen Anil, Glen Ashley, Glen Hills, Virginia, Durban North, Park Hill, Umgeni Park, Avoca, Kenville and Sea Cow Lake. Briardene, Red Hill and Glen Anil are the main industrial areas.  Residential suburbs  of Durban North include some of the most affluent and elite properties in Durban.

Mount Edgecombe is about 20 km from Durban Central. Mount Edgecombe is a "gated community" that is famous for its golf resorts in DurbanRead more about Spitbraai South Africa

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